Super Duper Kids Lollipops with Vitamins & Minerals

1 Super Duper Kids Lollipop meets more than 25% of a child’s daily vitamin needs.

Vitamin A, C, D, B12, Pantothenic acid, Selenium and zinc support the normal function of the immune system. B1, B2, B6, B12, contributes energy generation metabolism. While biotin, zinc, niacin contributes to the protection of normal skin, vitamin C contributes to the normal collagen formation necessary for the normal function of the skin. Your skin is your body’s first layer of defense, so it’s important to keep it healthy. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, supports the protection of normal bones, teeth and muscle function as well as the function it takes in cell division. It is sold in an unbreakable pet jar, with the values of the minerals and vitamins in the lollipop written on the label on the handle. This product has been approved in International Laboratories.

Mixed Fruit, Apple, Strawberry and Orange Flavored Lollipop with Vitamins and Minerals