Puritan’s Pride One Per Day Glucosamine, Vitamin D3 & Boswellia

Glucosamine is a compound found in nearly all human tissues, especially connective tissue. The highest concentrations of glucosamine in the human body are found in cartilage.2 Glucosamine is used by cartilage cells to create structural components found in the joint capsule.** This complex system is responsible for cushioning joints and bones and providing shock absorption.**

Glucosamine is especially good for anyone seeking extra nutritional support for joints and connective tissue.** As a key structural component in cartilage, it helps maintain the health of your joint cartilage.** By doing so, glucosamine supports your joints’ natural ability to properly absorb outside forces.** The cartilage and joint support system promotes flexibility and mobility of joints for comfortable movement.**

Joint health is best managed with a multi-faceted approach including joint-friendly exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and nourishing your joints from within with specialized supplements.** By supplementing with Puritan’s Pride® glucosamine products, you can be sure you are getting an efficacious dose of this important nutrient to protect your joints.**

How to use?

  • For adults, take one (1) caplet daily, preferably with a meal.


  • Vitamin D (as D3 Cholecalciferol) 10 mcg (400 IU)
  • Sodium 5 mg
  • Glucosamine HCl 1,500 mg ***
  • Boswellia serrata Extract (resin) 100 mg ***