Multizan® Ferrum L 30mg

Multizan® Ferrum L is a combination of iron bisglycinate 30 mg and L-methylfolate 400 mcg.

A complex of iron bisglycinate formulated into Multizan® Ferrum L consists of ferrous iron chelated with amino acids (glycine) which give it properties to be better absorbed by the body, and improve iron tolerance from the gastrointestinal tract. Two glycine molecules that protect iron are hemoglobin precursors. Chelated iron does not dissociate in the stomach due to which it is absorbed in the small intestine without loss, and does not have a negative impact on the gastric mucosa. Iron bisglycinate does not interrupt the absorption of other minerals and nutrients due to an ionically neutral molecule.

Iron bisglycinate formulated into Multizan® Ferrum L:

Suitable for vegetarians.

Kosher, certified product.

Gluten and GMO free.

The use safety of iron bisglycinate is recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, USA).

L-methylfolate is a biologically active form of folic acid with high bioavailability, a natural form of vitamin B9 that circulates in the human body, a coenzyme, a factor of growth and cell division that is needed to maintain a normal level of blood formation.

L-methylfolate is better absorbed than folic acid despite human genetic characteristics.