Farmec Heel Care Cream with Bambus (Daily Use) 100 ml

Very often, the problem of cracked heel skin can easily be transformed from an aesthetic problem into a health problem, which causes discomfort and pain. To avoid this, Farmec’s heel care cream has been specially developed to alleviate and remove horny heels on the heels and soles, rendering the heels look fine, without asperities and cracks.

  • Glycolic acid removes keratinized dead cells (thickened skin)
  • Vitamin A combats the tendency to dry the skin and contributes to epithelialization of superficial wounds, especially of cracks.
  • Glycerin provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Bamboo extract, due to the flavonoids it contains, alleviates the feeling of tired feet.

Use daily after a bath or shower. Apply on the soles and heels, massaging gently until completely absorbed. From time to time, the heels are cleaned with pumice stone or with the heel pile.

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